America’s First
Jewish Classical
Prep School
Emet Classical Academy is a Jewish preparatory school for 5th to 12th graders in Manhattan. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every academic and cultural field, the formation of confident Jews and civic-minded Americans, and the preservation of the best of Western civilization.
To defend a land, you need an army. But to defend freedom, you need education.
- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Academic Advisory Board
The vision and curriculum of Emet Classical Academy is shaped by some of the greatest thinkers, leaders, and educators in the world. Every member of our academic advisory board brings unique expertise and a deep belief in the project of Jewish classical education.
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  • Dr. Ruth Wisse
    Dr. Ruth Wisse
    Literature and Humanities
  • Walter Russell Mead
    Walter Russell Mead
    History and Civic Leadership
  • Dr. Rachel Fish
    Dr. Rachel Fish
    Jewish History and Zionism
  • Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Rocklin
    Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Rocklin
    Jewish Classical Education
  • Dr. Emil Pitkin
    Dr. Emil Pitkin
    Mathematics and Statistics
  • Dr. Leon Kass
    Dr. Leon Kass
    Hebrew Bible and Political Philosophy
  • Dr. Asya Sigelman
    Dr. Asya Sigelman
    Greek and Latin
  • Dr. Wilfred McClay
    Dr. Wilfred McClay
    American History
  • Jake Greenspan
    Jake Greenspan
    Ancient Civilization & Modern Technology
  • Dr. Carol McNamara
    Dr. Carol McNamara
    Classical Education
The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.